Dad has been blind since 2004. When he sees his family for the first time, emotions run high


Joe Vasconcelos lost his ability to see in 2004. When he was 25, he was diagnosed withretinitispigmentosa. It is a rare degenerative disease that causes one to lose their vision declaring Joe legally blind in 1998.

Joe thought he would not see his wife and three sons again. He had never seen his fourth and youngest at all.

The family discovered E-sight, a device that would enable Joe tosee again. They organized a trial session with the company to create a customized eyewear for his needs.

Joe was present with his family in the room. He was emotional seeing his youngest son for the first time. He was also amazed at how his wife and other sons had changed.

Joe says his wife of 36 years has not changed much since he last saw her. He last saw his son when he was 7 and now he is 20 years old.

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