Herd Of Elephants Gather To Celebrate New Born Elephant Calf! Amazing!


David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya, was the home of Emily, once orphan baby elephant, who later had his adulthood in the wild. The unexpected happened on December 23, 2014, when David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust had Emily again but this time to deliver a calf. The team who had seen her survive, accompanied her to the place.

On seeing that Emily was ready to share this wonderful moment of her life with the keepers, they felt very happy, a thing which is rarely seen in humans. First of all, she knew that the keepers will keep her calf safe from wild animals. After finishing the birth process, a herd that was before orphans, come to witness and its ready to offer any assistance to Emma, the new born, to stand on her feet. This was accomplished by using their trunks.

In 1993, Emily started to become an orphan when she tripped into a pit latrine. Even if she never grew with her family, now she is a proud mother of two daughters. Emma came after her sister Eve who was born in 2008. She was enrolled at the organization’srehabilitation, which trains elephants for their return to the wild. Not long, she became a strong woman in the elephant community where she directed the younger ones who also were orphans.

Ex-orphan elephants were overjoyed with the birth of Emma. They really appreciate small babies, of which they already have one that they call their own. It’s very amazing to see elephants surrounding Emily to give her support and celebrate the birth of Emma.

Watch the video below, how Emma is assisted by the other elephants to stand on her feet. Don’t forget to SHARE it with all!

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