This Kid Bids His Daddy Goodbye For More Than 5 Minutes, I Wish I Was A Daddy Already!


If you ask any parent what he really loves most, the definite answer will be his/her kids. It is true that the kids make our day with their frank expressions and actions, and the clip below demonstrates clearly why our little angels are the best thing that you will ever have.

The video below begins as daddy is about to leave for work. Before boarding the vehicle, Colton, a little kid comes by to say goodbye to him. You can see the love this little kid has for his dad as he runs to him wearing the just pampers. The kid gives dad a kiss and returns back to where her mum is. He again goes back to his dad for a hug before he leaves.

The father gets into the vehicle and reverses it so that he can go. All these time that he takes in reversing the car, Colton keeps on saying “goodbye daddy, I love you daddy.” Daddy too responds that he loves him too. This continues until the father cannot be seen. This is when Colton decides to go where her mum is.

You can see that if it were not that daddy was forced to go away for work, he would have stayed and be together with his kid.

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Little Boy Really Loves His Dad

That kid must love Father’s Day…

Posted by Break on Saturday, August 22, 2015

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