He Said This To A dying Horse. I Cried!


Animal owners are always prepared to do something to help out their animals, but what goes on in this clip is just out of this world!

Here on our platform, we’ve witnessed numerous rescues where things get dramatic, and we really like sharing those stories if only to honor the great heroes who sometimes even risk their own lives to save animals!

Some people will risk their all to save an animal, but it really doesn’t matter how you help a suffering animal as long as you do it right.

In his 13 years as a farmer, the guy in this video hadn’t yet been in such a dramatic situation as when his horse broke out and wandered into the garage, and then she fell through some boards and got trapped in a space under the boards. She was now below the ground, and no matter what she tried, she couldn’t make it out!

The situation was tense!

All the farmer could do is calm her but she got so distressed that at 8:50 mark, the poor horse is almost dying!

The veterinarian and some firefighters came the next day and she finally managed to get herself up and get pulled out, but not without some hay and much help!

Surprisingly, she took off immediately after the rescue and recovered very fast! Amazing!

This kind of drama gives me goose bumps, and if that happened to you too, you might consider SHARING it on Facebook!

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