There Is More Reason To Be Full Of Life After Being Rescued From Death’s Mouth. This is What This Puppy Is All About!


It is not clear who left this puppy to die in a cardboard in such very cold weather conditions.  It might have made some noise so as to attract some sympathizers but whoever left it there had tied the dog’s mouth thus rendering helpless calling for help. The lady in this video somehow got curious with the box and rescued the dog. You can just see how happy the puppy looks after being rescued by this woman. It must be one of the ways of thanking her by licking her severally.

The puppy was attended to in an animal health care center and given medications so as to improve its rate of tissue growth and blood flow. The puppy that was once on the verge of dying, it now full of happiness like other healthy dogs! This is more reason to be grateful to animal advocates.

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