These Twins Had No Idea About This Until Everyone Started Talking About It. This Is Just Incredible!


It’s been weeks now,and strangers aren’t yet done with the talk about Randy Joubert and Gary Nisbethaving some very similar looks. And now the truth is finally out!

Now, Gary and Randy are drivers working for a furniture delivery company. At one point, and having landed jobswith the same employer, the two guys started together. That’s when the “similarity” talk started, and it didn’t take long until the two humans finally figuredwhat was really going on.

So it turns out that the two guys are actually siblings, and they never knew about their blood bond until now. The news is justawesome, and you can only agree that this is God’s work of bringing them together after such a long time. I just love this!

Watch this clip and get to witness this moment between these blood brothers as they finally unravel the incredibly cool truth. You’ll be touched and really feel for these siblings. If you think this is awesome, drop a comment and tell us, and also SHARE the video with all your friends on Facebook.

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