Woman hears some loud buzzing and then realizes uninvited guests have taken over her home


A woman was shocked when she went out to investigate a “buzzing incident” and discovered something stunning right within her own home. This is interesting!

When she checked, she traced the buzzing to the inside of the wall in her house. Turns out, myriad bees had decided to put up their residence in her house. They buzzed and made honey and lived in a 4-inch-thick honeycomb – and the owner had no idea they even existed until the buzzing became too loud. Well, she found them!

Fortunately, the bees were safely relocated and to another residence. On her part, the lady harvested the honey and the wax and sold it. She plans to use the proceeds of her sales to cater for the costs of repairing the damaged walls. Well, I guess the bees have paid their rent!

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