After Being Robbed At the Graveside Of Her Husband… Something Incredible Happens To the Elderly Woman Which Leaves Me In Tears!


Tona Herdon was filled with a lot of devastation when her husband of 60 years had passed away. At 78-years of age, she was vulnerable from every point of view and never wanted to be targeted by people with ill intentions.

To make her life even more miserable, she was mugged while paying a visit to the graveside of her late husband. The incident spread all over like will wildfire and all news headlines had it. The mugger was shortly arrested by the police and his identity revealed. It was only after Christian Lunsford recognized that the mugger was his real father that he felt he had a debt to pay. He had separated with his father while 2 years of age and he was now 15 years old.

The boy went ahead and did something which not only surprised Herdon, but also everyone who heard of it. He showed that he had wisdom which exceeded his years and genes do not always prove the character of the person.

What this boy does gives the window something to smile about that most of us will never have done for their own parents!

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