Although One Of The Old Fellow Dies, What Happens At The Nursing Home Is So Breathtaking!!


The footage below is a promo of a real documentary known as, Present Perfect. The video clearly shows the effects of aging in America – In both growing old and growing up.

In Seattle, there is a home called Providence Mount St. Vincent that houses over 400 elderly citizens. It also acts as a preschool.

It is common for the elderly people to experience a condition known as social isolation. This is a condition that may lead to loneliness and to a certain grade of depression. By adding a childcare in this elderly home, there is a bridge that gets constructed between the old and the young. In the video below, you can clearly see that from the celebration which members of both sides take part in. There is joy in the air as you notice the old and the young dancing, playing and sharing together. These wonderful moments don’t last as one of the elder dies, something that forces the other elders to plan for the funeral.

At the end of the video, there comes a touching moment when the ladies are forced to wave goodbye to the growing children who are moving from the place, as one of the women tells the children to come back soon. This is so touching since no one knows whether they will still find them alive by the time they will be coming back.

By watching this video, surely one gets to understand that as time goes by, we get an inch older. The better part of this precious life that we own is; when we socialize and mingle together, both old and young.

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