Your Cat Loves Boxes So Much And You Wonder Why? This Is It!


If you’re planning to keep your feline away from a box, we’ve got some bad news for you.

A cat and a box are like you and your summer cottage. Can we keep you away? No. The fact is, we’ve all been dropping our jaws and scratching our beards and skulls trying to figure out just where this connection between an animal and boxes come from, and we’ve not been very successful. Now we are!

We have these guys from the Animalist, and we have two cats. Marmalade and Cole are the two felines in the video, and they’ll give you a good insight about just how important and fun a box can be to a cat. Thesetwo find their good times in a box of cardboard.

Now, the Animalist explains that cats love for boxes stems from their need to feel fully secure and comfortable. If a cat gets into a cardboard box that’s closed on all sides except the opening, the feline will be sure no one can attack it from the three corners, and the one side open happens to be where it’s looking straight.The box also smells like forest, owing to the material used to make it, and cats love that smell. Now you get it.

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