The Creepy Customer Wanted To Mess With The Waitress. Then This Happened…


There seems to be danger in every place or in every orifice that exists. Most commonly what is known to be in the rise is the violence in matters concerning gender, as many men, would or have ever since, liked to take advantage their female counterparts. That happened in Russia where a man tried to demonstrate this anti-social culture, but was surprised by what the person he was abusing did.

The man in question, sat at the counter, called the waiter to hand her some money which is considered to be the amount he had consumed. As men are considered to be trouble makers, more so when they take note that it is the weaker sex serving them, the man without thinking of what could happen to him in the next minutes, tried to push the money inside the woman’s brassiere. As if that was not enough, he tried to do another naughty act.

I have no better explanation of what happened to the man. The woman reacted so fast like she had been rehearsing the action part that left the man in a total disaster. You should see when people, rushed to see if all was well with him.

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