He Asks His Dog If He Likes Christmas Songs. The Dog Responds With a Hysterical Temper Tantrum.


Out of all things Christmas, nothing seems to divide people more than the songs of the season. The world has an ongoing love/hate relationship with Christmas music. While some people really enjoy and can’t get enough of it, others cannot stand the sound of an overly cheery holiday tune.

Such types of mixed feelings are not exclusive to mankind alone, our canine counterparts are split over Christmas music as well. Norman, the big handsome Bullmastiff seen here, clearly stands firmly against yuletide carols. In fact, he hates them so much that whenever he hears them he bugs out and throws a major hissy fit!

That’s what is going on in this short adorable clip of Norman with his owner. The two were sitting on the couch, relaxing and spending some quality time together, when his dad suddenly began to sing the Twelve Days of Christmas. Poor Norman immediately became upset and his reaction says it all, he just wants his dad to shut the heck up!

When his father continued merrily on instead, the big dog began to moan and whine louder and more forcefully against it in protest. At some points it looked as if he was in actual pain as he writhed and wriggled his massive body all about, but it was really because all the singing made him super uncomfortable. Towards the end of the clip, it appears that Norman cannot sit still or take it much longer, so he tries a last ditch effort to block his dad’s mouth with his huge head! He definitely knows how to take full advantage of his size and really throws his weight around, but in a very sweet and gentle way.

Honestly, I feel for poor Norman. His dad isn’t the best singer and should probably stay away from Christmas songs. They’re best left to trained singing professionals! Either way, this clip is a holiday classic and the real star of it is the adorable Norman.


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