He’s Too Clever For His Age. What This Big Brother Does Is So Hilarious And Wise!


Though you might not be one, have you ever imagined being the big-brother?  When one, you are fully aware of the learning, punishments as well as the naps your younger sisters go through each and every day. Even when you need to seat and calmly enjoy a refreshing drink, your little sister may still be against it.

As the big brother, Wesley Carr is able to read the thoughts of his little sister within 13 seconds as shown by the video.

Upon noticing that his little sister Charlotte is crying, he inquires from her whether she had taken the day’s nap.

In between a stream of tears, she informs him that she had not done it. In a hilarious and casual way, he recommends one to her.

Not only are the two kids adorable, they also love and care for each other. The little girl is really in need of the nap and the big-brother shows that he is too clever for his years.

Big reason to thank the big brother!

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