She Inhaled Helium And Did Something I Thought She Was Not Capable Of, I Can’t Stop Laughing!


This is something I least expected to come across today!

There are times when I think Jimmy Fallon has exhausted everything in his locker and every time he comes back with something more special. Here, he joins hands with my favorite actress to do the unthinkable. The big screen has always made us believe Dame Helen Mirren is royal and stuffy, but that’s not the case tonight.

We know Jimmy Fallon has what it takes to bring to us the funny side of the guests he invites. If you remember, he did that in one segment that featured Michael Keaton, and today he has done it again. Here, he is dealing with a live wire that many might have not known about.

Here, Mirren is convinced by Fallon to do something she might have done about 55 years ago. They both have a balloon and each of them is sucking some helium from it. It’s a common believe that one sounds funny when on helium. The noted changes in her British accent are so hilarious. The funny part comes at the end when she utters the name of one unusual British dish.

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