She Meant To Relax While Taking The Shower. But What The Cats Did? It Kills Me!


It’s hard to come across cats that love getting wet.  If you want to be a cat’s number one enemy, try bathing it. Most cat owners are aware of that and won’t risk doing it!

When I watched this video, I was more than surprised by what I saw.  A YouTube user by the name “fstopfitzgerald” posted this clip. As he explains within the page, the household is not in peace anytime Sharon visits the shower.

Privacy is a thing the two cats belonging to the couple have never learnt. They always like being closer to their mother and one may think they are toddlers.

Within this funny clip, Sharon is seen relaxing when the two come in and start to whine as normal. They then use Sharon’s bathroom as a playing-ground and cry and run around seeking for attention. You may think they are in pain when you watch them do it!

Has your cat or any that you know ever acted this way? If you found this video to be funny and know of a cat lover somewhere,

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