Mom Decides To Surprise Her Daughter On The Special Day! What She Did Will Warm Your Heart!


It’s time to bust out the Kleenex, because the clip below is bound to hit all the heartstrings!

A wedding is an important activity in one’s life. For a long time, I thought that the story of this woman whose father died before the marriage day was the most heart touching tale, until I had the opportunity to watch this video about a lady on her wedding day.

In this video displayed on YouTube by The Film Poets, we get the pleasure of meeting Brooke and Tyler, a couple which their story has more to learn from. Brook’s parents adopted her in 1994, the same way as her big brother. They always saw the urge of having a daughter who will carry the name of Brook.

20 years back, the mother of Brook had opted how important she was to be in the family and that her being there was a reason from the Almighty. She drafted an exceptional letter on her very own wedding dress so that on her marriage day, she could present it to Brook.

In 2015, when the awaited day reached, Brook was carried away by emotional feelings when her mother revealed what she had in store for her.

For a large period of time, I never have seen a touching marriage video like this. Please SHARE this special clip with all!

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