He Recorded The Kitten While It Was Having Fun With Water Balloons, I Can’t Stop Laughing!


We always know that kittens are very curious. After all, I am sure everyone knows the famous saying “curiosity killed the cat.” luckily, it’s an expression and the kitten’s curiosity in this clip is quite harmless. It’s just like a little kid whom the curiosity gets him into trouble. Whichever the case, trying out something new may have some consequences and in this clip, this puppy got a chance to have his first taste of lemon.

This kitten is called Khan, and it was during the festive season when everyone was having a nice time. Khan decided to have fun by exploring the new snacks and decorations. Khan the curious kitten is really fascinated by the colorful soggy globes. Watching this kitten making his new discovery is quite interesting especially when one bursts from his handling. I think it would be an understatement to say that Khan is baffled. This is the funniest reaction I have ever come across! I wonder what I could have done if such a thing might have happened to me while I was young.

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