The Sitter Abuses the Baby, Watch How The Dog Reacts… Unbelievable!


There isn’t a nightmarish scenario for any parent than their child being mistreated.

Benjamin and Hope Jordan, a couple in South Carolina hired Alexis Khan a 22 year old to be their baby sitter. They did their due diligence and carried out background checks and all was well. Additionally, Alexis seemed the perfect person to take care of their seven months old son, while they were at work.

After sometime though the couple noticed that whenever Khan came over their dog Killian would became protective over the child.  They ignored it but with time the dog only got more aggressive towards Khan. When this behavior persisted they decided to look into it.

Hope hid a phone under their couch to record what happed while they were away. When they played it, they were startled by what they heard… there was yelling cussing and even slapping, Khan was abusing their baby! They wouldn’t have know where it not for Killian.

The matter was reported to the authorities and Alexis was tried and charged with assault and battery. She was sentenced to 1-3 years in jail and added to the child abuse registry.

In this story the hero is Killian and in the video below you will see the entire Jordan family with the message to parents and guardians “LISTEN TO YOU INTUITION AND YOUR PETS”

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