Spectacular Moment As An Iceberg Breaks And Creates A Mighty Tide!


An approaching giant tide is definitely the last thing you would like to see when you are on an outing on a boat having a nice time. At the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, an iceberg broke recently, inflicting the worst panic ever to a couple that was found there.

As per the report of CBC News, the couple who are local residents of the place were on holiday at the bay of Exploits, when the collapsing of the iceberg took place, making the boat to sway due to the creation of the currents.

Wanda Stead, a resident of the area Told CBC News that she thought her heart was going to pop out, as she saw the giant wave going towards them.

Her husband accelerated the motor boat that saw them out of the tide to a far place where it was safe for them to have a look at the tide breaking apart.

As for many, what is frightening to them is the large sound that the tide produces when it breaks apart. It is amazing how big the tide is because what is visible in the video is the peak of it,while its unknown by how far it extends under water.

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Newfoundland iceberg breaks, stirs up huge waves

"Get off the beach!" http://cbc.sh/69y178

Posted by CBC News on Thursday, August 6, 2015

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