You Won’t Believe Who Is Singing Over Here… So Intriguing!


‘Inability is not a disability’, how well can this be showcased other than in this video of Harrison Craig on a stunning performance on The Voice Australia Blind Auditions. Harrison has always been a victim of bullying just because of his inability to speak fluently as he stutters every time he speaks. His problem of speaking has no cure but he undergoes speech therapy every single month. It’s quite a challenge to him as he narrates his story but his burning desire for singing keeps him going; and now, he decided to take part in The Voice Australia auditions.

Performing the song ‘Broken Vows’ by Josh Groban, Harrison Craig proves everyone wrong— that he got the talent— by hitting all the notes precisely without stuttering at all. His golden voice wins the judges hearts over where he never got a chair unturned. Backstage, his mother and his brother awaits as they watch in disbelief. His younger brother is seen tearing up— probably from immense joy and proud of his brother. They cheer him up giving him all the moral support they can muster, a sign of real true love. It’s very inspiring feat.He possesses a genuine passion in singing; his determination and tenacity are tools to show what he got. His audition leaves everyone speechless as he sings his heart out.

And with this it should serving as a moral that, weakness shouldn’t be seen as a threat but that we should make best out of it.

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